This guide is mainly to teach you how to withdraw your Fiverr earnings and the best fiverr payment method to make use of when withdrawing your fiver funds in Nigeria.

After setting up your gigs and orders start creeping in, it’s time to withdraw your earning to reap the fruit of your labor. This stress of creating the gigs and attending to numerous buyer requests will be all gone at this point.

fiverr earnings, how to withdraw your fiverr funds

I want to be sure you know what Fiverr is and must have spent some time around Fiverr before wanting to know about how to withdraw your Fiverr personal balance.

I will go into details about the various payment methods available on the platform (i.e. fiver website) for you to withdraw your funds, and the best one suitable for Nigerians at the moment.

Before I into the various withdrawal methods available on Fiverr, I will like to walk you through the new interface to ease the process when withdrawing your Fiverr earnings in Nigeria.

Fiverr Interface To Withdraw Your Fiverr Earnings

Fiverr has been changing the interface of their platform for quite some times, and if you are part of those who made use of it in the past and finding it difficult to understand the new interface, this guide will also be of help.

The new interface allows a seller to switch between buying and selling interface. As a seller, if you are on the buying side, you will only be able to contact other sellers, give out jobs or outsource.

As a seller, if you are on the selling side, you will have access to your dashboard, know your visibility, create gigs, view your gigs reaction and manage orders.

Let get down into the various fiverr payment methods;

Fiverr Payment Methods

Methods to Withdraw your Funds on Fiver, how to withdraw your fiverr earnings

Payoneer (fiverr revenue card)

Direct bank transfer


These are the four main methods to withdraw your cash on fiverr before they used to accept payment with bitcoin, but that stopped around November 2016. Let’s go into details of the three methods of withdrawing your money.

Payoneer Card (Fiverr Revenue Card)

Payoneer (fiverr revenue card) how to withdraw your fiverr earnings

This is just like other digital currency, which makes payment around the world easy without the need of going through the rigorous process that the bank order financial institute will but you through to make a transaction.

Fiverr has partnered with Payoneer, and their website is accessible all over the world to enable you withdraw your fiverr earnings with strict rules to frown at any illegal activities on the site. Withdrawing your money with this method attracts a fee of $1 irrespective of the amount to be withdrawn.

With this method, you are likely to receive your money within 48 hours. To be candid with you, it takes less than 3 hours to receive the funds but at a higher charge, which is at $3 to hasting the process.

Your Fiverr revenue card is just like your normal master or verve card, and it enables you to withdraw your money from any ATM.

The rate at which you withdraw your money from the automatic teller machine (ATM) varies depending on the Nigerian bank you will be using.

The minimum amount you can withdraw with your Fiverr revenue card is $5. Don’t get confused with the fiver revenue card; it is just your Payoneer master card.

Direct Bank Transfer:  (Withdraw Fiverr to Payoneer)

This is another method available for you to withdraw your fiverr personal balance,  and at the moment it is sensibly one of the best method to withdraw your fiverr earnings in Nigeria.

It exchange rate is one of the highest of the other three methods, the best, and the most recommended means of withdrawing your fiverr earnings in Nigeria.

Using this method attracts a fee of $1 irrespective of the amount you are trying to withdraw, with a minimum amount of withdrawal of $10.


fiverr paypal, how to withdraw your fiverr earnings

Withdrawing your funds with PayPal is a little risky; I remember loosing over $200 to them when I started freelancing. They are not available in Nigeria; also, the rate at which accounts get limited is always alarming.

To withdraw using your PayPal account attracts a fee of $1, irrespective of the withdrawal amount.


You will need a valid I.D card to get your Payoneer account ready when that is available. Open your browser and type in Now on the website, click on create an account and fill your details.

The details you will be filling should be the same with the one on the I.D card in case you are not using your I.D, and you might be asked to verify in the future.

Don’t forget you are opening an online bank account and try to be accurate with the information you provide, so you don’t have a problem with them in the future.

To fill your postal code, go to Google and search for the current state you are and choose your area postal code, This will allow you to receive your Payoneer master card in your nearest post office.

A confirmation email should be sent to you when finish filling your details, and your Payoneer account should be ready any moment from then.

When your Payoneer account is ready, a USA bank number will be given to you, which will also enable you to withdraw your Fiverr earnings through the direct bank transfer.

Withdraw Fiverr to Payoneer

Using The Direct Bank Transfer:  I want to believe you have a Payoneer account now, with your Payoneer account, a USA bank will be generated or given to you to withdraw into your Payoneer account

Step one: log on into your Fiverr account and click on earnings

Step two: now on the earnings page, click on the bank transfer

how to withdraw your fiverr earnings

Step three: verify your phone number; this will always come up when you change the method of withdrawal, or when withdrawing for the first time.

verify your phone numbe

A verification code will be sent to your phone which you will use to verify that it’s you 

Step four: Confirm the link sent to your mail.

how to withdraw your fiverr earnings

Since you are withdrawing for the first time, Fiverr will send you a link instructing you to confirm the linking of your account. It is always advisable to use the same browser which Payoneer account was logged on for a hassle-free linking 

Step five:  linking your Payoneer account and Fiverr account together

The link in your mail will redirect you to your Payoneer account where you need to log in an and confirm the link.

Now your Payoneer account has been linked, and you will receive a confirmation mail from Payoneer informing you that your Fiverr has been added as one of your payment sources.

Using the fiver revenue card to withdraw your funds

I want to assume you know what fiver revenue card is now, the Fiverr revenue card is free, but they require that you must have $30 in your account for your card to be processed.

It usually takes about two weeks for you to receive your card in your area through the post office.

, if so, go to Fiverr and log in your account, at the top left corner click on sellings and then click on earnings.

Step one:

how to withdraw your fiverr earning

Click on Fiverr revenue card,  confirm your phone number and a notification will pop up on your screen instructing you to check your mail for further instruction on how to add your Payoneer card.

linking your Payoneer card

Step two: An email will be sent to you instructing to confirm if you want to add a Payoneer card to your account. This link will redirect you to your Payoneer account where you will need to login and complete the process.

Using PAYPAL to withdraw your earnings:

To withdraw using  PayPal you will need to add a mail to your account which the earnings will be sent to; the mail might be the one you use to open the PayPal account or might be a mail attached to a PayPal account.

to add mail which you will use to withdraw your earnings

Step one: I want to assume you have logged in your fiverr account, if you have not done so, click on settings, on this page click on billing and information

using PayPal to withdraw your earnings

Step two: input your PayPal mail in the space provided for *Paypal for withdrawals* and follow the instruction.

Step three: input the verification code sent to the number you used in verifying the account and click continue

Step four: Verify the mail you added; by confirming through the mail

 Well, you should be aware that PayPal is not acceptable in Nigeria, but you will find individuals who were able to find their way around the website and its policy.

 However, to be on safer side, I will advise you seek the service of an exchanger to help you withdraw your Fiverr earnings.